Scratch the cable question

Scratch the cable question

Uh, yeah, so in typical P & J fashion, we scored something for free.

We thought long and hard over the cable thing. We considered the feedback we got from you, the Internet. Thank you.

Then, we were having dinner with our landlords on Friday night and we told them about the cable company’s deal. Like it was nothing, they said why should we buy the cable, when they can just share theirs with us? Yes, yes, I know that’s technically illegal. But, we’ve done worse in life and well, it’s our landlords’ butt on the line. They’ve even done this with past tenants.

So we went from 7 channels to 60ish. Not too shabby. And in the last 48 hours that we’ve had cable, there’s been almost no TV-watching at all!!

2 responses to “Scratch the cable question”

  1. Sara says:

    HOLY CRAP.. how do you guys do it!?!?!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I cannot believe that you two actually caved in and got cable! Scott will be so happy when we visit in July!

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