Family Reunion

Family Reunion

This weekend was a big ‘ol family reunion of sorts. Mostly with J’s sisters and significant others coming to New England and wreaking havoc.

J’s sisters (SILAdventure & SILMeow) live in Denver and Chicago, respectively, so we don’t all get together often, aside from occasional holidays. So it’s nice to gather just for the hell of it. And frankly, anything that you do infrequently is usually fun, except for colonoscopies, mammograms and OBGYN visits. But I digress.

SILMeow and Napolean Dynamite arrived on Thursday and we ventured to the coast of Mass to begin the festivities. SILAdventure and DocDoc joined us on Friday.

Some highlights (thanks to Napolean Dynamite for most of the pictures … he has a wicked cool camera and was behind the lens most of the time. Sorry I don’t pay out for photos on my blog. Maybe someday when I become famous.):

Quality Family Time.

Good Food and Drinks.Waking up on a sailboat the morning of my birfday.Sailing and Kayaking (on my birfday)
Really Good Birthday Cake (on my birfday).Carbon Leaf concert on a boat Thursday in Boston (that was just J & I, while SILMeow and Napolean Dynamite went to a Red Sox game … J also arranged for the band to wish me a happy birthday and sing my favorite song).
Some low points:

Deciding we wanted lobsters for dinner at home and driving to 5 stores to find out everyone was all out. Not to mention they were $3.99/lb this week!

My mom forgetting my birfday. So, there’s a preface to this story. I was born at 3:37 AM on Aug. 21. Every year, my mom calls me at that time (EST). No matter where I am and what I may be doing. It’s become a tradition. And some people may be bothered by waking up to a phone call at the 3am hour (my sister, for example), but I am not. I’ve come to love my mom being the first to wish me a happy birthday (J used to argue that he wished me a happy bday at 12am, but my mom argued that I wasn’t actually born yet, so it doesn’t count). This year, ShortonCoffee was in Seattle for my cousin’s wedding. She is not used to being in a different time zone and traveling. I know how your days just get thrown off. She was planning to call me Sunday at 3:37 AM, but the correct day would have been Saturday at 3:37 AM. I finally called her around 4pm to say, hey, what’s up? And to make her feel guilty of course. I’VE FORGIVEN YOU MOM, SO STOP APOLOGIZING FOR THE LOVE OF JESUS.

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  1. Misti says:

    Happy Belated Birthday! Mmm, lobster sounds so good!

  2. Shayna says:

    Happy belated birthday!! Tell your mom I forgot this year too. I'm sorry!

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