Week 24 of Unemployment

Week 24 of Unemployment

My conference in Milwaukee was GREAT. I took my required classes for the certificate (I am hoping to get something in the mail … I am that person that needs something official in writing) and went to many informational sessions. Of course the challenge is putting some of those things I learned into action to build my freelance biznass!

I also met lots of new fellow medical writers, reconnected with old friends and got to know some of the peeps in my chapter better (I love my chapter, btw). The networking at these events is always on steroids. It’s great.

I tried to stay on a strict budget, so I don’t have much to report about the food. My chapter dined at The Safe House, a spy-themed restaurant, and that was quite interesting. You either have to give a password at the front door (which is unmarked in a dark alley) or prove that you are not a spy in some other way. The group I walked in with lacked the password, so we had to dance like bunnies in order to enter, only to find out that the whole restaurant could see us on the TV screen doing this.

Also, I brought my camera, but took no pictures.

And this week I am not really unemployed. I had work from my old company, as well as the NH magazine for which I regularly write. In fact, J & I are once again staying at a local B&B for free as part of my magazine assignment. This has been a good week.

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