Visitations Continue …

Visitations Continue …

We had more visitors roll through in July and now in August and they will continue through the end of the month (4 more arriving manana)! As much as I know you want me to recount every detail, I only have time to highlight our most recent visitors … of course, I probably have no readers left at this point, so to all who are listening …

Some of our cronies back from our dawg days living in AZ reunited (and it feels so good). This included (L to R) the newest addition, 1-year-old TrailMagicCharlie, Sara/Caliente, Mike/theFather, Chris/Mouth and Kayt/NHBound. It was quite the party!!

We could have easily glued ourselves to watching the Olympics–which we did some of–but we let the activity inspire us to get off our butts. Caliente, the Father & TrailMagicCharlie went for a hike Saturday morning, while Deal & I cleaned the hostel. In the afternoon, the 5 of us went for a 10-mile bike ride on the W & OD bike path. Deal and I have been wanting to get out there since we got here, so this worked out perfectly!! It was a hot day, but the cool breeze while biking made it all better.

Mouth & NHBound arrived Saturday evening and we wined, dined, then enjoyed a fire outside.

Sunday, Mouth wanted to pretend for a minute that he was a lumberjack. So he chopped some of our endless wood pile by hand. Might I add we do have a hydraulic wood splitter, but that was just not manly enough for him.

 Caliente & crew left mid-morning Sunday, so Mouth, NHBound, Deal & I hit the bike path again! This time we went 14 miles. I have to give myself kudos … Mouth, NHBound & Deal have nice bikes, mine is middle-of-the-line. Keeping up with them was a serious challenge!!! Not to mention, I am much shorter than all of them! Anyway, we finished just before a nice thunderstorm rolled in and said bye bye to our good friends.

It’s always awesome to see these folks. Next time we’ll have to get Mouse/Kathryn and Roid/Andy down here as well. This time around, Roid had a bad case of phaesothrombosis. Look it up, it’s intense!!

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  1. Shayna says:

    Looks like you had lots of fun. Wish we could have joined in the AZ crew's visit!

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