More Jersey Deliciousness

More Jersey Deliciousness

Day 41 in New Jersey, but who’s counting? J was not counting and when I told him 41 days, he vomited in his mouth a little.

Today, Jersey got some beautiful snow. Because J had to get lotto tix for my dad (and himself of course) for tonight’s Mega Millions, we decided to take a walk and embrace the awesomeness!

We’ve been doing much of the same here since the last time I checked in. In between going to concerts, J wrapped up his big project cleaning out his grandma’s second home (what a transformation as seen in the pictures below), while I continue to do my medical writing (sorry, no pictures; those would be far too exciting).

Just 2 weeks left here in the Garden State, so we are still soaking up the endless visit opportunities with friends and family.

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but J keeps in touch with a gazillion friends from high school. I can count on one hand how many people from high school I keep in touch, even with the help of Facebook. In any case, it is so sweet to witness these high school-turned-adult bonds (well, they attempt to be adults and sometimes that works). And because we have very prolific friends, we get to witness their young families playing and growing together.

With that being said, I would like to throw out the idea that my high school connections rock more because these connections are why J gets to go to an occasional Jets game (they won this weekend all because of J of course!). 

On a side note, at the baptism of one friend’s son, their daughter threw up. Poor thing, but at least her brother didn’t even flinch. He knew no one could take away the glory of his day with a face like that.

BTW, in case your life can’t be complete without knowing what we did for Thanksgiving, we went up to my sister’s where we:
played WII Just Dance and board games during which J lost TWICE
tested our blood sugar
made fruit cake
tested our blood pressure with a $2 machine bought at a yard sale
ate turkey
***only one of those things is untrue

J & I also went on our most expensive date EVER. We went to see Guster at the Brooklyn Bowl (this concert was by MY request surprisingly, even though J has already seen them 10+ times).

$80 for 2 tix
$70 in train fare getting to the city (driving may have been a little cheaper with bridge tolls, etc, but I also may have suffered another pulmonary embolism from the stress of driving to NYC)
$5 for parking at the train station
$60 for food
YIKES, we may have to wait another year before going on another date

In other news, Mr. McKinley still hates us. Something about us abandoning him in 2011 to my parents and never coming back to take him as initially intended.

Oh, and our bright yellow Subaru Baja made the list of the 12 most embarrassing cars on the road in Forbes. In full disclosure, we love Big Bird and know you are all jealous. 

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    Mr. McKinley doesn't look too happy there!

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