Happily Sharing Paradise With Our Family

Happily Sharing Paradise With Our Family

J’s mom came to visit last week. Our visitors have been perfectly timed during our slower weeks, so again, we got to spend a good bit of time showing her around!

We went down roads we’ve never been down and roads few people travel down. My favorite quote from her was, “I like reading about your adventures on the blog and not living them.” This was during a particularly hairy drive up to Hat Point, one of the overlooks for Hells Canyon. On a side note, the area near Hat Point just survived a pretty big wildfire and we drove up there the first day it was open all month.

While the best views may not be easily accessible, they are certainly worth it. 

We saw lots of wildlife along the way, including, of course, cow, but also bighorn sheep and elk!

FYI, in these parts, they capture, skin and eat rattlesnake for dinner. 
And so she enjoyed herself thoroughly and has now ridden off into the distance. Still one more visitor to come our way (J’s sister) as we wrap up our season here at RR. 

3 responses to “Happily Sharing Paradise With Our Family”

  1. Jamie L says:

    Saving the best visitor for last!

  2. Mom/MIL says:

    I loved every moment of my time at rim rock. Inn keepers are in a league of their own!

  3. Camie Goffi says:

    Leanne – you look like you're having a ball!

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