Babies in NJ

Babies in NJ

J and I went to NJ this weekend primarily for my friend Hallmark4Ever’s baby shower. It was supposed to be a surprise, but she knew every outing could be “it” as she is due in just 7 weeks!! We did surprise her Monday morning though with a belated bday celebration at her favorite diner (she just turned 30 also). I wish I caught a picture of her face when the hostess brought her to a table where theAccountant, her BF, J and I were sitting! It was great to see those girls again and Hallmark4Ever is just glowing beyond belief. I can’t wait to meet her little one!!!

While we were in NJ, we went to meet AYB IV, who is just a doll. I think we might actually have more friends WITH babies than friends without now! Good gracious!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Yikes- look at that big baby belly! What a lucky mama- such great friends to share in both these special occassions!

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