33 Things I love about J

33 Things I love about J

J may have chosen to “roast” me on my birthday, but I would like to toast him. In honor of his 33rd birthday, here are 33 things I love about him. Feel free to read and gag, but it is mainly for my journaling purposes. I have known this man for 7 years now and I love him more and more every day. Maybe that will change in another 7 years, and I’ll need this list as a reminder … but I kind of doubt that! I love … His dreamer attitude. Sometimes I just have to let some things go in one ear canal and out the other. I just nod my head and smile when he tells me about his latest idea. Okay J, yeah, we should totally buy an old Fire Truck. I mean, who would pass up that deal?! His latest thing is that we should buy a sailboat and a VW camper. That his unkempt morning hair looks slightly like a peacock. The way he offers “Mrs. Pillow” (his hugger pillow at night) for me to use when reading in bed because I like to prop up a little more. The way he constantly reorganizes the cabinets and fridge. Not that he’s an insane neat freak or OCD, he just likes to categorize and announce our dwindling food supplies. That he lets me sleep on his shoulder on the airplane or bus even though I know he is terribly uncomfortable His booming collection of $10 hiking shoes picked up at REI garage sales. And he uses every single pair! Similarly, his widespread collection of jackets, sleeping bags, sleeping pads and dry-wick shirts. He has a slight obsession with outdoor gear. The way he will slide his feet against mine in bed (he calls it “foot love”) or grabs my hand to hold in the middle of the night when I’m sleeping. His cute dancing to bluegrass music. Those hippies have some funny way of dancing! The way he tries to dance to “my” music (rap, techno). His rendition needs much work. Tabitha and Napolean … come help him out! His frugality. I’ve said this before, but I have to say it again. I thought I was cheap, but no, no, no, J takes the cake on that one. His ability to wheel and deal. That boy is NOT afraid to ask a sales associate, “can you do any better on this price?” as I stand back and bury my existence and association with him. His awesome margaritas!!!!! His ability to cook it up. We both like to experiment with new dishes and it’s so much more fun to have a partner in the kitchen. I know that can’t be said for all males, so I do consider myself lucky. That he often brings me expired chocolate from his town’s food pantry (with permission from the director … she must think he is a real romantic bringing his wife such goodies. Hey, we may actually qualify according to his town standards!) The way he slumps his shoulders and quivers his bottom lip in order to gain pity or sympathy and to get me to give in (usually to give him a foot rub). How he says he wants dessert at a restaurant only because he knows I want one. He tells me he’ll split something with me, I pick it out, we get it and I end up eating the bulk of it! His insane amount of luck. Well, it’s not like he wins the lottery every week, but this boy has more luck than anyone I know, that’s for sure. His pretend Tourette’s syndrome. Not that this disease is a joking matter, but J tends to yell out random words for fun. If you’ve never experienced this, you’re lucky. But it does make me laugh. Most of the time. The way he tries to speak Spanish and doesn’t come remotely close. The way he makes my weekend coffee. It’s so yummy and always ready for me and I wouldn’t even know how to make it the way he does. His poor, poor spelling. Similarly, his poor, poor grammar. How did I, the English major and published writer, manage to marry quite possibly the worst speller and user of improper grammar in the world? He has gotten in the habit of sending me his e-mails, PSAs and other documents for a quick edit … I love it. His ability to deal with difficult people and difficult situations. His job becomes very demanding at times and often I think I would just run away and cry if I were in his position. Watching him work never ceases to amaze me. That he makes me kill bugs, spiders and other creepy crawlers. My favorite is the night we got engaged camping down in Havasupi. There was a hissing cockroach in our tent. He wouldn’t touch it with a 10-foot pole and I was the one to remove it. His passion for recreation, the outdoors and the environment. I love that he recycles!! His intolerance for politics. I only like it because I am the same way. We both just don’t know what is going on in that “world” and well, ignorance is really bliss. His eagerness to try new things. He is really not afraid to fail and only looks at it as a learning experience. His love of adventure and travel. That’s an easy one. We found the perfect match in each other. His awesome legs. Take a look next time you see him or in the pictures. I’m serious! His legs are so shapely! I would die for legs like his! His gorgeous smile; it’s also contagious. The way he loves cheese (feta, blue cheese, swiss, etc.) and thinks it will taste good in any recipe or just alone. His beautiful green eyes. Okay, now I’m just making you all want to puke. But I do think he is the most gorgeous man on Earth. His ability to make me, or anyone, laugh. ‘Nuf said, even though I could go on and on. He’s that cool. That this list was so easy to come up with and I had to cut some things to bring it down to 33!

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  1. Shayna says:

    Hehe. OK, maybe I now know more about J than I ever wanted to know. I didn't know Mr. Outdoor Rec guy was afraid of bugs!?! He's must've joined TJ's group. I do wanna try his awesome margaritas though. I'm gonna have to make a list like this for R.

  2. tommy's mommy says:

    That is one of the sweetest things I've ever read.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Nice post, PR!

    Happy Birthday, bro!

  4. Creegs says:

    I only threw up three times reading it. I thought it was going to be 33 times, but well written PatRice! That guy's pretty okay. He's pretty lucky to have you too! I like his legs too, by the way! I love the way he shaves them. So smooth.

  5. So so romantic! I almost cried…not puked.

  6. Anonymous says:

    And that made me choke up…very nice. I'm jealous! 🙂 ~Shadow

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