Week 28 of Unemployment

Week 28 of Unemployment

I will most certainly be taking a break from my unemployment updates during the holidaze. Partly because we will be busy driving 2,042 miles to Colorado next week and then back 2 weeks later. But mostly because what kind of update can I really give you? There ain’t much going on!

So, again this week, I leave you with randomness.

It is still frigid cold here. The temps rose over the weekend—even up to 50 degrees—but today with the wind chill, the temp was about 2 degrees. And still no snow!

I completed my 8 weeks of adult swimming lessons. I feel like I could use another 8, or 45, weeks. I have definitely improved, but I still suck at swimming. I think a triathlon is still a pipe dream for me.

told me the official mileage for the AT this year is 2,181 miles, an increase from last year and the year before. It changes every year with re-routing and re-measuring. I’m not sure I ever remember it shrinking, but I suppose I can just slap on a happy face and say, “the more miles, the merrier??”

Our first stop on our road trip out West will be NJ and CT to celebrate Christmas with my family, drop off Mr. McKinley to stay with my rents, see some friends and … wait for it J … see a reunion show of From Good Homes (or From Homes Good, as my mom would say). I assure you, seeing FGH is not the highlight of the trip for me, but it is definitely J’s.

I know it is not the smartest thing to divulge to the Internets that we will be away from our home for 3 weeks. The truth is, we don’t have much for anyone to take. Our whopping 27-inch TV is on the fritz again, there’s no money that I know of and most of our technical gear will be with us, as will our computers. Have at it if you’d like. But you must get past ShortShorts first! No easy task there!

4 responses to “Week 28 of Unemployment”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ain't much going on!? Spending Christmas at the cabin in Fairplay, seeing Railroad Earth and going on your first Colorado hut trip! Get prepared to have such an amazing trip that you will want to move to CO!

  2. plavigne says:

    No SILAdventure … I meant ain't much going on in terms of the job front! My life outside of job searching is always much more exciting:) I am really looking forward to the trip out West for sure!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ok Ok, good point! It has been warm in Denver and snowy in the mountains. Have fun this weekend and seya in a week! ~SILadventure

  4. Anonymous says:

    Good luck with Mister in the car!

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