Part VII – Twenty Eleven

Part VII – Twenty Eleven

We left Topeka, Kansas, on Friday morning in an ice storm and 20 degrees. I always hear about “golf-sized hail” on the news and now I got to experience it!

Pressing on, we drove 746 miles from Topeka through tornado warnings in Missouri and rain, but much higher temperatures, in Illinois and Indiana to Columbus, Ohio, in order to celebrate New Year’s Eve with theHoss and Accessory. Since I ruined the hut trip, we figured the next best thing would be to hang with theHoss. Afterall, he is quite irresistible, especially when he wears his footie pajamas …We got to Columbus by 9ish and rang in 2011 by playing to Apples to Apples over and over and over again. I seriously love that game. Would you believe that we didn’t go to bed until 3-4am even though we drove 13 hours that day!!!

Of course, the late bedtime made getting up and driving another 520 miles/9 hours through rainy Ohio and foggy PA to NJ very difficult. Actually, all the miles in the homestretch were tough. The book on CD that DocDoc lent us really helped. Wish we tried out books on CD earlier in our road trip …

Anyways, we made it to NJ last night and reunited with Mr. McKinley. He was a bit in shock when we walked in, but he slept right up on our pillows between us last night, so I think it’s safe to say he is happy to be with us again.

Short on Coffee and Big on Lotto did a great job taking care of Mr. McKinley. However, he told us that he thought we left him at an Native American sweat lodge because of the high temperatures they keep the house at. He also told us that Short on Coffee got confused and fed him coffee instead of water at times. And Big on Lotto got confused and tested his blood sugar instead of his own at least six times.

Then, today, we all made it home. Home sweet home. The road trip was truly fantastic. We did end up spending more on gas than we would have on flights to Colorado, but the experiences were priceless. We drove 5,311 miles through 17 states (1/3 of the US!)!

3 responses to “Part VII – Twenty Eleven”

  1. Anonymous says:

    You didn't ruin the hut trip just missed out on a very fun time. Next time we will start you guys on an easier hut. 🙂

  2. plavigne says:

    Well, I didn't ruin it for you guys, but I ruined it for J! He will go with you guys sometime, for sure! And maybe someday, I will work my way up to your adventures too …

  3. Sara says:

    Wow! GREAT trip! I do love road tripping too! I have been to most states and hope to get to the last 5 or 6 before I die! I am sure we will do it! I must say that I am in SHOCK that you passed up any adventure…. you are more human than I thought! 🙂 PS Iowa still rules even if you did not think so!!!

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