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Currently: July

Currently living/working in: We’re one month into our Leave No Trace job—from Alaska—and all is going well. Besides lots of meetings and trainings to get up to speed, we’ve mainly more »

Arctic Adventures: Volume 17—Cabin Improvement Projects

As we mentioned, the previous owners left us a perfectly functional cabin, but as with anything, you tend to want to make it your own. It’s also worth noting, we more »

Arctic Adventures: Volume 16—Wildlife Camera

Being back on a specific work schedule sure does eat up a lot of time! I’m afraid this blog is feeling the brunt of it … so to help me more »

Currently: June

Currently living/working in: We started Leave No Trace work 6/29! It’s all based from Alaska and online for now, but it takes some adjusting to be back on a specific more »

Arctic Adventures: Volume 15—Wildflowers

I’ve always stated spring is my least favorite season, if I had to rank them. With that being said, I absolutely enjoy the growth and change spring presents, particularly the more »

Arctic Adventures: Volume 14—Driving Denali National Park Road

As I explained in past posts, our area is not experiencing the same flood of tourists we would normally have.  Denali National Park would normally have multiple tour and camper more »

Currently: May

Currently living/working in: We are still at our cabin in Healy, juggling multiple writing projects and hustling to gain more. It’s been a pretty full plate of freelance work lately, more »

Arctic Adventures: Volume 13—Golf in Alaska???

I’m gonna guess one of the last things someone would associate with Alaska would be golf. I mean, with average high temps in the 60s and four months (sometimes less) more »

Arctic Adventures: Volume 12—Breakup—Part 2

Besides the river breakup, Alaska’s springtime arrives with a leap and a shout in many other ways.  Obviously the first thing we noticed was the return of the sun. It more »

Arctic Adventures: Volume 12—Breakup—Part 1

At the beginning of April, we had close to 2 feet of snow, some fresh. By mid-April, winter had conceded her reign.  But before I get into this installment of more »

Currently: April

Currently living/working in: Well, we’re still in limbo job-wise, hanging in Healy and literally cannot conceptualize where we’ll be and what we’ll be doing beyond May. We’ve done lots of more »

Arctic Adventures: Volume 11—Only in Alaska

There’s no shortage of “only in Alaska.” But besides the most obvious national headlines, such as the midnight sun and electrifying northern lights, Justin and I have been capturing photos more »

Arctic Adventures: Volume 10—Inside the Cabin

How is the hibernating going for everyone? While wearing the same clothes several days in a row and losing track of days is not so abnormal for our non-traditional work more »

Arctic Adventures: Volume 9—Wildlife

I feel a little silly blogging while the virus rages on, but if you’re like me, you need to be forced to escape the overabundance of depressing news and updates. more »

Currently: March

Current mood: I hope this blog post finds everyone healthy and in good spirits. I’m pretty sure our mood is in line with everyone else’s: unsettled. The COVID-19/coronavirus pandemic escalated more »

Arctic Adventures: Volume 8—Auroras

I sure hope everyone is staying healthy & sane. We are still hunkering down here in Alaska, indefinitely. I’ll update more details about us in our March Currently post next more »

Arctic Adventures: Volume 7 — Winter Activities

Amongst the chaos and unchartered territories we are all navigating with the virus, I hope my blog post can be a temporary distraction. One thing I’d like to note, it more »

Arctic Adventures – Volume 6—Visitors

When we decided we’d be spending our first winter in Alaska, we made the claim: no one should come visit us in the winter in Alaska. Mainly because we live more »

Currently: February

Oh hey faithful blog readers! I am THREE whole days late with my CURRENTLY post!! Did you notice???? I did, and I HATE being late, but we started going 90mph more »

Dear Dad

Dear Dad, It’s been 1 year since you physically disappeared from our lives.  I didn’t know how I would feel losing you. You were the first person really close to more »

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